Subtractive Color Has Launched

Andrew Mancilla - Subtractive Color

Electro-pop crooner Andrew Mancilla just released his much-anticipated new album Subtractive Color! The album conjures up an intoxicating mix of confident swagger and infectious beats that will have you dancing in no time, channeling a sound somewhere between Justin Timberlake and the Jackson 5. With a soulful, club-ready falsetto, Mancilla explains, “Ultimately, my new record is about fun, love and youthful excitement. It’s about taking a limited set of emotions and creating a broad spectrum of vividly intense ones.”

Standout single “It Wasn’t Me” brings a refreshing dash of hip-hop into the mix with upcoming artist Decora. Andrew reveals that the track “is about the follies of young love - missteps in relationships that can poison them forever.” Mancilla switches from serious on “It Wasn’t Me” to showing his playful side on “Tell Her,” opening with the line “I ain’t her type/but I ain’t afraid/She asks for a light/I gave her my name…” The hits keep coming with tracks like the retro-futuristic “I Can’t Believe Her” and first single “Rewire” that will keep you dancing all night.

Subtractive Color is the perfect peppy start to the weekend. Turn up the volume, press play above, and get your party started!