Premiere: Andrew Mancilla debuts new single, 'Rewire'

From an early age, Andrew Mancilla, knew that he wanted to pursue his love of music and songwriting. In a general press statement, he says songwriting is "the ability to express yourself and simultaneously inspire other people, offer a new perspective on an issue, and remind them of how beautiful and exciting life is." Mancilla is also a lawyer, and after he graduated from law school, decided to maintain separate but equal, music and legal careers. He released his debut single in 2010 with "Static," and has played numerous shows throughout New York City, and loves what he does in both careers. He's a self-proclaimed, Brooklyn-born, upstate-raised New Yorker, and currently makes his home where he was born, Brooklyn. 

Check out Andrew's new single, "Rewire," from his upcoming album, Subtractive Color, shared in this feature. The album will release on May 20, and is produced by Dominic Fallacaro. When asked what the message of "Rewire" is all about, Mancilla quickly tells AXS that "we've all had that moment where we lock eyes with someone and its just so unexpected and electrifying. Just that one look and all your heart’s aeronautical instruments find a new north, a new gravity, and you’re hopelessly lost to it." It's suggested that listeners will agree with that assessment.